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Weather safety tips for October driving in Arizona

Arizona is known for its beautiful weather when many other states are headed into freezing temperatures and winter driving conditions. Every year, thousands of people migrate to Arizona from other states to enjoy the warmer climates through typically winter months. As these people travel from other states, they are new and unprepared for the driving

Avoiding accidents involving school buses and students

K-12 school season means that drivers in Arizona should be ready to see plenty of students and yellow school buses on the roadways. According to Mesa Public Schools, there were close to 36,000 school bus rides for each day of the 2017 to 2018 school year. With this high of a number of student rides, the chances

Levels of burn injuries and treatment options

Most people in Arizona suffer a burn injury at some point in their lives. These are most frequently superficial burns, but for some, the damage goes much deeper. The results can be life-changing, or even life-threatening. Levels of burns According to the Arizona Burn Center, when the burned area only affects the top layer of skin, although

Do you know how to share the road as a cyclist?

Riding your bike is a great way to enjoy the great sights of Arizona, get in some fresh air and exercise, all at the same time. That said, biking is also not without its dangers. D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department shines a light on how bikers can better share the road with motorists. Use these insights to stay

What should you know about self-driving cars in Arizona?

Like many residents of the Grand Canyon State, you may be wondering about the safety of autonomous vehicles, especially after the Arizona Republic reported Waymo’s plans for a fleet expansion through its planned Technical Service Center in Mesa. Although Waymo’s self-driving cars reflect a growing industry, the rules of the road that apply to vehicles operated

Arizona ranked fifth for highest number of pedestrian fatalities

According to data compiled by the Governors Highway Safety Association, Arizona is ranked fifth for states having the highest pedestrian fatalities during 2018. As noted by the GHSA, their report, “Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities by State: 2018 Preliminary Data,” showed the greatest number of deaths since 1990 with an overall 6,227 pedestrian fatalities throughout the U.S. The most

Ways in which motorcycle crashes can impact one’s career

For the victims of motorcycle accidents, many different hardships may lie ahead in their personal and professional lives. Not only can injuries and mental trauma make daily life tough around the home, but they may be unable to keep working in a physically or mentally demanding field due to the consequences of a motorcycle collision.

Depression resulting from a pedestrian accident

From a broken bone to head trauma and scarring, the physical consequences of pedestrian accidents can be severe. However, pedestrians may also suffer from a mental and emotional standpoint. Sometimes, these hardships are less noticeable to those they love, and victims of pedestrian accidents may not even recognize the emotional toll of an accident, especially

Kids who play tackle football before 12 at risk for brain injury

When should children be allowed to play tackle football or other contact sports? Is there an age when they are at greater risk? All parents with a future football player in the household need to decide for themselves when the appropriate time has arrived for tackle football. Ideally, coaches and medical staff would take all

Pedestrian accidents up, Arizona in top 10 most dangerous states

The number of fatal pedestrian accidents — those where someone walking is struck by a vehicle and killed — is rising. They are up 35 percent since 2008. And, unfortunately, Arizona is the ninth most dangerous state for pedestrian fatalities. There may be multiple factors at work, but some transportation safety advocates argue that road