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Providing Professional Guidance In Property Divisions

Walking away with what is rightfully yours postdivorce can be a difficult task without a lawyer. In fact, you may even get stuck paying your spouse’s debts if you are not careful. At Bryson Law Firm, we meet with our clients one-on-one to learn more about their marriage and property. We know how critical it is that property divisions are done correctly the first time. Our experienced lawyers are well-versed in the process and negotiating with soon-to-be ex-spouses to find fair solutions.

The Difference Between Community And Separate Property

In a divorce, your assets and debts will be determined in accordance with Arizona’s community property laws. These laws can be difficult to understand, but our experienced lawyers are here to simplify the process. As a general rule of thumb, property acquired and debts accrued during a marriage are community property. However, they also may be separate property if the assets were:

  • Inherited by the spouse
  • Gifted to the spouse
  • Owned prior to the marriage

If you choose to handle property divisions in court, a judge will decide how your assets are divided. Sometimes that is necessary, but frequently you will do better if you have a good lawyer to help you with property division negotiations. And we can help you get the results you actually want.

Do I Have To Go To Court To Divide Assets And Debts?

No. You and your spouse have the option of entering private mediation. While this is a more informal process than going to court, it can still be a good idea to hire a seasoned family court lawyer to negotiate on your behalf. In addition to mediation, most of our cases include other forms of settlement negotiation.

Request A Consultation With A Client-Focused Attorney

Whether you need assistance with property division or child custody and support decisions, our firm has the resources you need to obtain the best possible outcome. Contact us and speak one-on-one with an attorney who can help you to understand your rights and responsibilities.

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