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Arizona’s Top Family Law Attorneys In Child Support Cases

Child support can be a contentious topic among parents who part ways. Whether you need to create a new child support agreement or modify an original one, our attorneys at Bryson Law Firm can ease the tension and help to ensure the process is done correctly. We are proud to work one-on-one with parents from all backgrounds and help them to determine what a comprehensive agreement looks like. We will be your advocates who will fight for your rights and tell you what you need to do to move forward.

What Does Child Support Cover?

There are many misconceptions about what child support does and does not cover. Every child support order varies based on custody rights and each parent’s financial ability to support their children. In general, however, child support covers expenses related to:

  • Medical care
  • Food and shelter
  • Education
  • Child care
  • Clothing
  • Entertainment

Child support is calculated based on both parties’ income, the number of children involved and the costs of expenses such as health insurance and dental and vision care. Other factors will be considered such as parenting time, modifications, relocations, paternity and if the child has special needs. To learn more about how child support payments are determined, you can use Arizona’s child support calculator.

We Can Help You To Create A Fair Child Support Agreement

Child support does not inherently cover every cost associated with raising a child. Parents and judges can make discretionary decisions, including who will pay for the child’s health insurance, vacations, cellphone and extracurricular activities. It is important to maintain a balance between both parents’ financial obligations. Our lawyers can work with you, your child’s other parent and the courts to ensure that there is a balance and each parent is doing their part. Additionally, there are critical tax implications that should not be overlooked, and a child support lawyer can help you to weigh these considerations before any decisions are made.

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