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Representing Businesses And Individuals In Commercial Litigation

Located in Mesa, Bryson Law Firm understands the critical nature of commercial disputes and works to find timely solutions. Our law firm represents organizations of all sizes, as well as individuals. If you are a business owner involved in a dispute with another company, an employee, a customer or someone else, we can help you. If you are an individual involved in a dispute with a business, we also stand ready to represent you. With more than two decades of trial experience, we are well-positioned to assist you with a range of commercial litigation issues.

A Strategy for Success

We know that a one-size-fits-all approach to litigation does not adequately protect or advance your best interests. Instead, our firm takes the time to understand the challenges you face, so we can build a litigation strategy tailored to your needs. Although we excel in the courtroom, we are not afraid to pursue other dispute resolution avenues to secure a positive outcome. If going to trial is your best or only option, we will aggressively argue your case to a judge or jury.

We have experience handling cases involving:

  • Construction disputes
  • Real estate disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Collections
  • Intellectual property
  • Trade secrets
  • Employment law
  • Wage and hour issues
  • Noncompete agreements
  • Unfair competition
  • Landlord-tenant / rental disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Partnership dissolution and distribution of partnership debts and assets
  • Business torts including fraud and tortious interference
  • Creditor and debt recovery liens and lawsuits
  • Contractual disputes

Cost-Conscious Solutions

Bryson Law Firm, PLC, is cognizant of financial constraints and recognizes that legal representation and litigation costs are an unwanted expense. Accordingly, we work diligently to find cost-conscious solutions that fit your goals and budget. Our legal team can help you weigh the costs and benefits of each possible course of action, avoiding unnecessary litigation expenses.

Arrange A Consultation To Learn More

Let us help you find a solution that protects your current and future interests. To schedule a consultation with a commercial litigation attorney, call our Mesa office at 480-630-3496 or complete our online contact form.