Are You Ready To Fight For Time With Your Child? Arizona Child Custody Attorney Can Help.

Every parent and child deserves to have an advocate who can give them a voice in family courts. At Bryson Law Firm, we have helped countless Arizona families make tough custody decisions and find fair solutions. We ensure the outcome will be fair when it comes to both simple and complex custody cases, including those involving modifications, relocations, and paternity. Now is the time to call on a team of seasoned family law attorneys who know what must be done so that you can see your child grow up.

Who Makes Custody Decisions?

Custody determinations can be made in private negotiations between both parents or made by a family law judge. In many cases, parents opt to reach an agreement outside of court in front of a mediator. This can save both parents valuable resources and time and, ultimately, expedite the process. Mediation can allow parents to have greater control. However, not all parents are able to agree to a custody schedule, and we are fully prepared to fight for your rights before a judge if necessary.

We Know That Fathers Have Rights, Too

A variety of factors are evaluated during custody determinations, but the parent’s gender is not one of them. Neither parent is automatically at an advantage or disadvantage in child custody matters. The primary concern for courts is the safety of a child. In some cases, children are safest with their fathers. It is critical not to give up the fight for custody as a father to protect your parental rights – and our lawyers are here to help you do just that.

Keep in mind that child custody in Arizona is comprised of two parts, both legal decision-making and parenting time. Parents with legal decision-making authority can make decisions about their child’s education, health care, personal care and religion. Parenting time refers to the schedule that each parent will have with the children, and includes the regular schedule usually during the school year, but also school breaks and holidays. Understanding both is crucial before moving forward.

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