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Getting the right representation for your family law matters can greatly impact your life. Issues such as property division, spousal maintenance, child support, custody, and parenting time have immediate effects and long-term consequences. Having a lawyer who can skillfully represent you and the needs of your children is critical.

At Bryson Law Firm, we excel at balancing strong advocacy with emotional sensitivity. Our legal team recognizes the lasting significance of family law matters. Accordingly, we work diligently to find practical solutions to even the most contentious disputes.

Legal Representation That Fights For Your Family

Family law encompasses a broad range of issues related to the dissolution of marriage, child custody, and child support. These issues deeply affect the personal, legal, and financial relationships between the family members involved. And relationships can prove fragile when threatened by conflict. When an issue cannot be resolved privately between parties and legal action is required, we can guide you through the process while protecting your interests and rights. There are a number of issues related to divorce, child custody, and adoption. We’ll listen to your concerns and work to find a practical solution that’s right for your family.

Bryson Law Handles Matters Involving

Divorce and Legal Separation

If you’re ready to end your marriage, you need an experienced Arizona divorce attorney, like Bryson Law Firm. During a divorce, it can feel like there are a slew of details to decide, such as how you’ll share custody of the kids and the amount for child support. If your spouse won’t negotiate, divorce proceedings can drag out for much longer than preferred. In addition to helping you file for separation or divorce, Bryson Law will also help you navigate spousal maintenance and dividing your property. Our firm has experience handling complex issues regarding debt, valuation of your business, prenuptial agreements, and post-nuptial agreements. We’ll make sure that any agreements are fair and in your best interest.

If you and your spouse are deadlocked about a specific issue, we can offer mediation to assist you with reaching a resolution.

Child Custody

When you’re co-parenting, it’s ideal to have agreements regarding child custody in writing. An Arizona child support attorney will create a child custody agreement that details a visitation or custody schedule and duties and responsibilities for each parent. Bryson Law will help you with mediation and will advocate for a fair and equitable custody agreement.

Child Support

Child support is a volatile topic for many parents. Let an Arizona child support attorney assist you with your child support agreement. Even if you’re sharing custody 50-50 with your spouse, it’s likely that one parent will pay child support. The goal of child support is to ensure the child has similar living conditions with both parents. Factors that impact child support include the custody agreement, income, assets, and whether a specific parent is responsible for a certain expense (like health insurance or private school tuition).


If you’re ready to adopt and want to make sure the child is a permanent, and legal, part of your family. Bryson Law is here to help. An Arizona adoption attorney provides valuable legal guidance when adopting a child. Whether you’re interested in a closed or open adoption, it’s essential to dictate the terms of the adoption in writing. If there’s a question about these terms in the future, a written agreement helps settle any disagreements that can arise.

All Family Law Matters Bryson Law Handles

  • Divorce or legal separation
  • Annulments
  • Child custody issues
  • Paternity to establish parentage and parental responsibilities
  • Child support issues
  • Parenting time and visitation rights
  • Relocation
  • Judgment modifications and enforcement
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Division of property
  • Complex property and debt issues
  • Business valuation
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Orders of protection and restraining orders
  • Grandparent rights, custody, and visitation
  • In loco parentis (custody by a nonparent)
  • Guardianship issues
  • Adoption
  • Mediation

When Should I Hire a Family Law Attorney?

If your family is going through a major change like a divorce or adoption, it is wise to consult a family law attorney. In addition, if you need to negotiate your child custody agreement with your ex-spouse, a family law attorney can advocate for you. In any case that involves marriage, divorce, or children, employing an experienced Arizona Family Law attorney as soon as possible is highly recommended.

How Do I Choose The Right Arizona Family Law Attorney?

It is important to choose a Family Law attorney that has experience handling cases that are similar to yours. If you are seeking help with adopting a child, make sure to ask your potential attorney how many adoption cases they’ve handled. You should also make sure that your attorney is knowledgeable about Family Laws in your state, as every state has different laws regarding children and marriage. If you’re an Arizona resident, make sure that your attorney has handled cases in Arizona before. It’s also important to make sure that your attorney is the right fit for your case. While you don’t need to be friends with your attorney, you should make sure that you feel comfortable with them and that they make you feel heard. Family court cases duration varies but can take time. Because of this, you may need to be in contact with your attorney for many months and should feel positively towards them.

What Questions Should I Ask a Family Law Attorney?

During your consultation, you should prepare a few questions to ask your attorney to make sure they are the right fit for your case. Some questions you could ask your potential attorney are:

  • How many years of legal experience do you have?
  • What types of family law cases have you represented?
  • How will you advocate for me?
  • If you take on my case, what will your strategy be?

Asking questions like this will give you a better insight into how the attorney will treat you and handle your case. If they seem like they don’t want to answer your questions, it might be better to keep looking for other attorneys to handle your case.

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Working with a skilled family law attorney can be the difference between a prompt positive outcome and a drawn-out legal battle with poor results. The right legal representation ensures that your and your children’s interests remain the top priority. Our law firm handles a variety of family law cases, and we will work diligently to advocate for the best possible outcome for your family. Don’t navigate complex family law issues on your own. Let Bryson Law help you fight for the best possible outcome. Get started by calling 480-813-0444 or email the firm to schedule an appointment today.