Levels of burn injuries and treatment options

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Most people in Arizona suffer a burn injury at some point in their lives. These are most frequently superficial burns, but for some, the damage goes much deeper.

The results can be life-changing, or even life-threatening.

Levels of burns

According to the Arizona Burn Center, when the burned area only affects the top layer of skin, although it is typically painful, it is likely to heal in a matter of days.

A partial-thickness burn affecting the second layer of skin may take a couple of weeks. If the blisters that characterize this level of burn pop, it is a good idea to see a doctor.

A full-thickness burn penetrates the skin, causing it to feel hard and dry. The nerve damage caused by this level of burn will often destroy sensation in the area, which results in less pain at the outset.

Burn treatment

The Arizona Burn Center notes that there are a number of treatments that a burn victim may require. One of the most critical aspects of treatment focuses on preventing infection through wound care. The skin normally provides protection from infection, so any level of burn has a high risk, and regular wound cleansing is necessary.

Temporary skin grafts are often applied to burns to prevent infection during the healing process. Once the burn area has healed enough for a more permanent graft, doctors often use sections of the patient’s healthy skin to replace scar tissue.

Burns often destroy a number of functions. A person who has suffered extensive burns may need rehabilitation that includes physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech language pathology services. Many people also find that burn survivor support groups help them deal with the emotional and psychological aftermath of a burn injury.