Poor tire maintenance could cause a car crash

Your wife complains about how much time you spend fiddling with your car. Yet, as you tell her repeatedly, regular maintenance is key to safe driving. Sadly, not everyone’s car is as roadworthy as yours. You are reflecting on this as you drive back to Mesa from Phoenix one afternoon. Approaching fast in the mirror

Disagreeing on religion? Parents need to work it out

You and your ex-spouse have always had different religious philosophies. You believe that everyone should do what they want and believe what they want, but you don’t subscribe to any particular religion. You feel that your child should be able to choose if they want to follow a religion later in life, not now while

3 juveniles injured in alleged DUI crash in Arizona

Three Arizona juveniles required hospitalization after being seriously injured in an early morning crash recently. The crash occurred in Chandler, Arizona. A 21-year-old driver was in charge of a van filled with seven people, including five juveniles. The van flipped over in a single-car crash while traveling near Hunt Highway and Val Vista Drive in the city.

Bicycling safety in Arizona

The weather is getting nicer and that means that more people will be taking their bikes off the hooks in the garage, checking the tires and heading out on the road. In other words, it’s time to review the basics of bicycle safety. While it’s every motorist’s job to watch for bicycles and pedestrians, you

Maintaining and separating assets and accounts during a divorce

Community property includes any assets, accounts and properties acquired jointly during a marriage in Arizona. When a couple decides to divorce, their community property generally divides equally in half between the two spouses. Millennial couples are maintaining separate bank accounts, as reported by CNBC, but it may not always prevent sharing half of it with a

Holiday Co-parenting Tips For Divorced Arizona Dads

Arizona fathers may find that the holiday season becomes a bit more stressful when they share custody of the kids with their ex-wives. However, it is possible for people to successfully co-parent and make this season a bit more peaceful.  Most parents already have a document that lays out where the kids will spend each

Contemplating a Short Sale?

With half of the homes in Arizona upside down in value, a common question from clients is whether they ought to walk away from their homes or consider a short sale. My answer always begins with the classic lawyers’ response: “it depends.” That response is not simply a lawyer’s stalling technique, but a reflection of