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Driver faces felony charges for drunk-driving crash

Riding a motorcycle during this time of year is a lot of fun. Trees and plants are flowering and blooming, and you have the opportunity to ride in nice weather. You enjoy the dry weather in Arizona all-year-round, but now is when you feel most comfortable being out on your motorcycle. It can also be

A look at comparative negligence in Arizona injury claims

Finding success in a personal injury claim hinges on how well you can prove that someone’s negligence caused your harm. For example, if you suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accident, you must show how the other motorist is responsible for your suffering. Sometimes, the fault in an accident claim is relatively obvious. Examples include

Avoiding a springtime slip and fall

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and flowers are in bloom. Whatever else is going on, you can still get out and enjoy walking around. Just be careful that you don’t slip and fall. All it takes is a cracked sidewalk, an uneven curb or a pothole to send your sprawling.

Ways road work zones could increase your risk of a serious crash

Road work construction zones can pop up any time of year in Arizona. Crews work tirelessly to patch potholes, improve road structures and otherwise ensure that everyone has safe roads. Unfortunately, road work construction zones don’t just make driving safer. Road work zones also contribute dramatically to the number of crashes that occur. In 2017,

Dog bites: Take steps to avoid an attack

In Arizona, dogs are not allowed to run at large. If a dog escapes, then the owner can be held strictly liable for any property damage or personal injury that results. Dogs are considered to be “at large” when they are not restrained by a leash or kept in an enclosure. Since owners can be

What are your rights when a distracted driver causes a wreck?

Distracted driving is a scourge of modern America, with thousands of people dying every year in crashes related to mobile phone use and many more suffering serious injuries or incurring expensive property damage. If you are among those people impacted by another person’s distraction or addiction to mobile devices, it is only natural to wonder

Where does Arizona rank in cycling safety?

With its miles of open spaces and long days of sunny weather, Arizona is a desirable place for cyclists. How safe, though, is the state for cyclists? Do drivers and cyclists practice safe habits to avoid car and bicycle collisions, or is the state known for a hazardous environment for those on two wheels? According

Could glaucoma increase your risk for a car accident?

As you age, your body may not work the same as it did when you were younger. You may start to develop conditions that make it more challenging to do daily tasks. Glaucoma is an eye condition that comes with age. Not everyone gets it, but it is quite predominant in the elderly community. If

Why should drivers keep motorcyclists in mind?

Arizona motorcyclists are outnumbered by the drivers of other vehicles by a fair margin. Because of this, many drivers may not even consider motorcycles when they hit the road. This lack of foresight can lead to crashes that may have otherwise been possible to avoid. The National Safety Council discusses why it is important for