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Why unmarried fathers need to establish paternity

Arizona has long presumed paternity when the wife in a married couple has a child. Regardless of the genetics involved, the husband of a woman who has a child is the presumptive father. He will be on the birth certificate and will have both parental rights and responsibilities to his children while married and in

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Has financial infidelity undermined your marriage?

Marriage is a relationship built on trust and mutual respect. When one partner starts hiding things from the other, that foundation of trust can quickly erode. Financial infidelity has recently become a mainstream concept, although the issues it includes have affected couples forever for a long time. If financial infidelity has affected your marriage, you may eventually

Is cycling safer than riding in a car?

If you want to save money on gasoline, get in better shape and protect the environment all at the same time, you may decide to start cycling as your main means of transportation, rather than riding in the car. But is this a safe decision? When you hear that around 35,000-40,000 people lose their lives

Financial steps to take after your spouse announces divorce plans

Sometimes a divorce comes with plenty of signs. You and your spouse may have discussed the issue many times before one of you decides it is time to initiate proceedings. Other times, divorce seems to come from nowhere with one spouse unaware a problem exists until the other spouse says it is time to end

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Speed differences cause accidents

You have probably heard that speeding causes car accidents and that driver safety is the reason for speed limits, traffic tickets and other types of enforcement. This is true, as speeding drivers can’t react as well to unforeseen hazards, may lose control of their vehicles and can cause crashes. But it’s not just speeding that

You know your marriage is over: It’s time to ask for a divorce

Maybe you saw it coming over the past few months or years. Or maybe your spouse did something that pushed you to your limit. Regardless of the circumstances, if you have the feeling that your marriage is over, it’s time to ask for a divorce. But that leads to an important question: How do you

Disagreeing on religion? Parents need to work it out

You and your ex-spouse have always had different religious philosophies. You believe that everyone should do what they want and believe what they want, but you don’t subscribe to any particular religion. You feel that your child should be able to choose if they want to follow a religion later in life, not now while

Driver faces felony charges for drunk-driving crash

Riding a motorcycle during this time of year is a lot of fun. Trees and plants are flowering and blooming, and you have the opportunity to ride in nice weather. You enjoy the dry weather in Arizona all-year-round, but now is when you feel most comfortable being out on your motorcycle. It can also be

Child custody when an affair partner is present

Finding out that your spouse is having an affair is a rough situation. Learning that they’re leaving you and building a life with that person is even more difficult. When there are children involved, it can be a complex challenge that doesn’t have any easy answers. One of the best things that you can do

A look at comparative negligence in Arizona injury claims

Finding success in a personal injury claim hinges on how well you can prove that someone’s negligence caused your harm. For example, if you suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accident, you must show how the other motorist is responsible for your suffering. Sometimes, the fault in an accident claim is relatively obvious. Examples include