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Key things that you must do before filing for divorce

On behalf of Bryson Law Firm, PLC | September 28, 2020 | Family Law | 0 comment

Almost everyone feels dissatisfaction in their marriage at one point or another since relationships are always changing and evolving over time. However, feeling dissatisfied and surrendering yourself to divorce are two very different things. If you are considering filing for divorce, it’s likely that you are experiencing some hesitation. You will want to make sure

The fringe impacts of a divorce

On behalf of Bryson Law Firm, PLC | July 23, 2020 | Family Law | 0 comment

When people think about the main impacts of a divorce, they often think of obvious things like moving out of the house, not living with their spouse any longer or not seeing the children as often. They know that life is going to change. However, it is important to consider other fringe impacts of divorce

Has financial infidelity undermined your marriage?

On behalf of Bryson Law Firm, PLC | July 5, 2020 | Family Law | 0 comment

Marriage is a relationship built on trust and mutual respect. When one partner starts hiding things from the other, that foundation of trust can quickly erode. Financial infidelity has recently become a mainstream concept, although the issues it includes have affected couples forever for a long time. If financial infidelity has affected your marriage, you may eventually