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A look at comparative negligence in Arizona injury claims

Finding success in a personal injury claim hinges on how well you can prove that someone’s negligence caused your harm. For example, if you suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accident, you must show how the other motorist is responsible for your suffering. Sometimes, the fault in an accident claim is relatively obvious. Examples include

How to live with your spouse even though the marriage is over

Financial constraints, the need to preserve your relationship with your children, the desire to stay in the family home and other factors can all force you and your spouse to stay together for a while, even after you’ve made the decision to seek a divorce. How can you manage to make this work? You need

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Avoiding a springtime slip and fall

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and flowers are in bloom. Whatever else is going on, you can still get out and enjoy walking around. Just be careful that you don’t slip and fall. All it takes is a cracked sidewalk, an uneven curb or a pothole to send your sprawling.

Ways road work zones could increase your risk of a serious crash

Road work construction zones can pop up any time of year in Arizona. Crews work tirelessly to patch potholes, improve road structures and otherwise ensure that everyone has safe roads. Unfortunately, road work construction zones don’t just make driving safer. Road work zones also contribute dramatically to the number of crashes that occur. In 2017,