3 juveniles injured in alleged DUI crash in Arizona

Three Arizona juveniles required hospitalization after being seriously injured in an early morning crash recently. The crash occurred in Chandler, Arizona. A 21-year-old driver was in charge of a van filled with seven people, including five juveniles. The van flipped over in a single-car crash while traveling near Hunt Highway and Val Vista Drive in the city.

Dog bites: Take steps to avoid an attack

In Arizona, dogs are not allowed to run at large. If a dog escapes, then the owner can be held strictly liable for any property damage or personal injury that results. Dogs are considered to be “at large” when they are not restrained by a leash or kept in an enclosure. Since owners can be

Bicycling safety in Arizona

The weather is getting nicer and that means that more people will be taking their bikes off the hooks in the garage, checking the tires and heading out on the road. In other words, it’s time to review the basics of bicycle safety. While it’s every motorist’s job to watch for bicycles and pedestrians, you