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Could glaucoma increase your risk for a car accident?

As you age, your body may not work the same as it did when you were younger. You may start to develop conditions that make it more challenging to do daily tasks. Glaucoma is an eye condition that comes with age. Not everyone gets it, but it is quite predominant in the elderly community. If

Why should drivers keep motorcyclists in mind?

Arizona motorcyclists are outnumbered by the drivers of other vehicles by a fair margin. Because of this, many drivers may not even consider motorcycles when they hit the road. This lack of foresight can lead to crashes that may have otherwise been possible to avoid. The National Safety Council discusses why it is important for

Shared custody in AZ may benefit the kids

An unhappy marriage can feel like an immense burden on couples in Arizona. Even after filing for divorce, a lot of time goes into negotiating the separation of assets and debts. When couples have children, the disentanglement becomes even more difficult as they must work together to raise happy, healthy and well-adjusted children. In most

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