Which irreconcilable differences often lead to divorce?

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You have been with your spouse for several years, sharing a life together in Arizona. Despite that, you may find that the two of you cannot overcome issues that have plagued you from the beginning of your relationship. Is there a way to get out of this rut?

To help you understand whether your situation is unique, Divorce and Your Money breaks down common irreconcilable differences common in marriage. Decide whether divorce is your best option, or if therapy could help.


If you and your spouse have children, you may not always agree on how to raise a family. While you and your spouse had similar upbringings, maybe only one of you wants to break away from that and the other would rather try something new. Either way, diverging paths could lead to friction.


No matter whether it is business, personal or platonic, money can cause no end of issues within a relationship. Over the years, maybe your spouse’s relationship with money, such as how to spend it or save it, shifted in a way that is incompatible with yours.


Much like with finances, religion and spirituality may also change throughout a person’s life. Maybe your spouse is more religious than she or he used to be, a fact that may have become a source of conflict between the two of you.


Proper communication is key to making yourself fully understood by another person; what you do not say has just as much of an impact as what you do say. Incompatible communication styles can become a never-ending source of contention, one that neither of you may be fully aware of.

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