Staying on track at work during your divorce

On behalf of Bryson Law Firm, PLC | January 27, 2021 | Family Law | 0 comment

Finding the right divorce attorney is only one of many concerns when faced with a divorce. Maintaining a focus on areas of importance in your life when you are dealing with a divorce can create challenges. Of particular concern is your ability to stay on track with your work-related responsibilities when you need to make an unusual number of difficult decisions about your future.

Knowing some of the ways to manage the emotional challenges of your divorce without allowing it to affect your work can help you to stay productive despite your situation.

Be careful what you share

Your divorce could leave you feeling vulnerable in the workplace. What you should know is that you are probably not alone. According to KTAR News, Arizona’s divorce rate is 15 percent above the national average. You may even find out about other coworkers who are also in the throes of divorce. You may want to share details of your separation, however, oversharing could create ongoing issues. Nosy coworkers may continue to inquire about your relationship or you may feel resentment, guilt or embarrassment about sharing too much which could distract you from your responsibilities.

One thing you can do is to develop an elevator version of the events in your personal life. Think carefully about what you choose to share. You can create an explanation that addresses common questions and adds just enough context without divulging sensitive information.

Compartmentalize responsibilities

Another thing you can do is to compartmentalize your responsibilities. Designate certain days and times to focus on your work and certain days and times to address divorce-related issues. You can inform your ex and any legal entities you work with of your availability so you can focus solely on your job, guilt-free, and continue to excel in your career.