What distracted driving laws does Arizona have?

| Apr 2, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Perhaps you pride yourself as a responsible, conscientious driver who always follows the rules and behaves safely. While that is definitely a good thing, far too many motorists exhibit a lack of care and compassion for others when on the road. This is particularly evident in the large number of drivers who continually drive distracted.

The dangers of distracted driving are precisely why Arizona and so many other states have enacted distracted driving laws. As explained by the Arizona Department of Public Safety, manual use of a cellphone while driving is illegal. Those caught using a cellphone to talk or text behind the wheel will face penalties.

Which behaviors are illegal?

Arizona goes a bit farther than other states when it comes to cellphone use. While some states allow you to talk on mobile devices while driving, Arizona prohibits making or answering a call, as well as using a mobile device to read or compose a text. Additionally, it is illegal to hold a mobile device while driving in any way. The law even specifies that it is not permitted to “support a device with your body”.

Which behaviors are legal?

Drivers can legally use hands-free devices while driving. This includes using voice activated controls or an earpiece. Motorists can use a mobile device for the purposes of navigation. They can also legally use a cellphone to contact emergency services should the need arise.

When involved in an accident with a distracted driver, stay calm. Check yourself and passengers for injuries before leaving the vehicle. Contact the police, even if the accident is minor. Finally, exchange information with any other drivers involved, so you can take the necessary follow-up steps.