How can you co-parent effectively after a divorce?

| Mar 19, 2021 | Family Law |

A divorce may shake up your world, but it should not stop you from working with your ex-spouse to take care of your children. 

Learning how to effectively co-parent can help you reduce your stress, as well as help your children adjust to their new lives and schedules. 

Communicate clearly

According to Psychology Today, many parents worry about how to keep an open line of communication after separating. By setting up a schedule where you both agree to text and call weekly in order to talk about parenting concerns, you can help streamline any conversation to be only about the children. This can help you avoid any arguments or awkward topics. 

Clear communication starts with the ability to articulate what you need and stay calm while discussing your opinions. It may take some time after a painful divorce to learn how to communicate effectively, but it can save you both trouble in the long run. 

Center the children

In any child care situation, it can be easy to get lost in the details and forget that the well-being and health of your children comes first. By centering their schooling, mental health and social activities as the most important topics to focus on, you can help bring you and your ex-spouse together instead of apart. 

Cooperating and supporting one another’s efforts to care for your children will also reduce your stress when dealing with struggles like discipline and medical care. Asking your children questions and listening to their answers about decisions like where they want to spend the holidays can also help them feel more relaxed after a major life event like a divorce. Co-parenting often succeeds when both parties find common ground, even after major disagreements.