How can gray divorce impact your life?

| Feb 23, 2021 | Family Law |

Going through a divorce later in life can leave you feeling confused about what lies ahead. 

Learning more about how gray divorce can affects your relationships with others and your money can help you prepare for what comes next. 

Impact on your mental health

According to Forbes, many older divorcees may have increased bouts of stress following a divorce. It is not the divorce itself that causes these issues, but rather adjusting to the amount of change occurring in a short time span. 

Changing houses or jobs after a divorce can lead to increased isolation or anxiety. Preparing for this new lifestyle by practicing healthy habits, such as keeping a regular sleeping and eating schedule or speaking with a therapist, can help you stay relaxed. 

Impact on your finances

Some older adults may struggle to pay bills or rent once they move out of a shared family home and into an apartment or other place of residence. Homemakers who spent the last few decades out of the workforce also often face unique challenges while job searching. 

By budgeting your monthly expenses and keeping careful track of your income, you can help prevent a sudden shock after a divorce. Having more financial freedom as a single person can also be beneficial if you were previously married to someone who refused to save money or spent it on frivolous items. 

Impact on your children

Your adult children may blame one parent or another for the impending change in family dynamics. This sudden shift can cause arguments to flare up or leave adult children feeling stressed and worried. Having honest and open talks with them can help everyone in the family adjust to your divorce.