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Depression resulting from a pedestrian accident

From a broken bone to head trauma and scarring, the physical consequences of pedestrian accidents can be severe. However, pedestrians may also suffer from a mental and emotional standpoint. Sometimes, these hardships are less noticeable to those they love, and victims of pedestrian accidents may not even recognize the emotional toll of an accident, especially

Mental illness can impact child custody

It is commonplace for judges to award joint custody to the parents. They do this because family experts believe it is in the best interests of the children to have both parents active in their lives. However, in honor of May being Mental Health month, we thought it was timely to discuss how issues of

Getting divorced in the digital era

Social media is a popular way to check in or share bits and pieces of your life with friends, family and others. This can seem harmless as you share a child’s sporting triumphs, a family trip, or a night out with the boys. However, one’s digital footprint is something they need to reevaluate and monitor

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Kids who play tackle football before 12 at risk for brain injury

When should children be allowed to play tackle football or other contact sports? Is there an age when they are at greater risk? All parents with a future football player in the household need to decide for themselves when the appropriate time has arrived for tackle football. Ideally, coaches and medical staff would take all

Could your spouse be hiding money during divorce proceedings?

Many divorces are acrimonious, but there are some that go over the top. Beyond disagreements over the issues of divorce, one or both spouses may be violating trust. In more cases than you might expect, one spouse is hiding money from the other. Typically, this is done to reduce alimony, property division and child support

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Pedestrian accidents up, Arizona in top 10 most dangerous states

The number of fatal pedestrian accidents — those where someone walking is struck by a vehicle and killed — is rising. They are up 35 percent since 2008. And, unfortunately, Arizona is the ninth most dangerous state for pedestrian fatalities. There may be multiple factors at work, but some transportation safety advocates argue that road

Divorce means separating your credit. This is an opportunity.

Divorce is sometimes associated with debt. In some cases, this is simply because the parties have accumulated debt over time. In others, people find it hard to afford two households where one was possible before. Whatever your circumstances, divorce gives you the opportunity to build a new credit rating separate from your ex. Let’s start

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Contemplating a Short Sale?

With half of the homes in Arizona upside down in value, a common question from clients is whether they ought to walk away from their homes or consider a short sale. My answer always begins with the classic lawyers’ response: “it depends.” That response is not simply a lawyer’s stalling technique, but a reflection of