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5 tips to stay safe on the road this Christmas

On behalf of Bryson Law Firm, PLC | December 18, 2020 | personal injury | 0 comment

The roads are likely to be busy next week, as people travel to see their friends and family for Christmas. The number of vehicles on the road, combined with the rise in alcohol consumption at this time of year and unstable weather can raise the risk of a car crash.

How can you increase safety when traveling for Christmas?

  1. Don’t drink and drive: As people relax into the holiday spirit, alcohol consumption becomes more acceptable at any time of day. It can be tempting to have just one glass when someone invites you to try their special Christmas punch at 10 in the morning. Yet, if you are driving, you need to refuse.
  2. Adjust your driving for weather conditions: If the weather turns bad on your journey, slow down. If you continue at the same speed, it increases the chance of an accident. It is better to arrive a little late for Christmas dinner than not arrive at all.
  3. Get adequate rest: Christmas can be a stressful time. Shopping, present wrapping, cooking and entertaining can leave you exhausted. If you have to drive the next morning, ensure you do not stay up too late.
  4. Ensure your car is well maintained: If your car has sat in the garage for the last few months, make time to prepare it for your holiday journey. Check the tires have adequate tread. Ensure the lights function and clean the windshield to allow you to see clearly.
  5. Allow sufficient time: Expect heavy traffic. Journeys can take much longer at this time of year. Leave early to ensure you do not feel the need to rush.

By taking these steps, you can reduce the risk that another, less careful driver ruins your Christmas by causing a car crash that leaves you in hospital. Should that happen, an attorney can help you learn about your legal options.