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Is cycling safer than riding in a car?

If you want to save money on gasoline, get in better shape and protect the environment all at the same time, you may decide to start cycling as your main means of transportation, rather than riding in the car. But is this a safe decision? When you hear that around 35,000-40,000 people lose their lives

Financial steps to take after your spouse announces divorce plans

Sometimes a divorce comes with plenty of signs. You and your spouse may have discussed the issue many times before one of you decides it is time to initiate proceedings. Other times, divorce seems to come from nowhere with one spouse unaware a problem exists until the other spouse says it is time to end

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Speed differences cause accidents

You have probably heard that speeding causes car accidents and that driver safety is the reason for speed limits, traffic tickets and other types of enforcement. This is true, as speeding drivers can’t react as well to unforeseen hazards, may lose control of their vehicles and can cause crashes. But it’s not just speeding that